Welcome to UNACCO SCHOOL, Excellence in Education, Chanung, the only school in Manipur that is committed to academic excellence, acquisition of knowledge and personality development. The foundation of the school was laid in 2022 with a mission to provide holistic education. The school’s sprawling 50 acres campus provides an environment to learn, play, grow and develop the skills of a lifetime.

UNACCO School, Chanung is a private, co- educational, fully residential school, to be affiliated to the CBSE curriculum run by the UNACCO Social Development Trust. The three sister schools including UNACCO School, Khongman, UNACCO School, Meitram and UNACCO School, Chanura have consistently delivered high academic standards in both CBSE & COHSEM and strives to combine traditional values with modern global approach to life and learning. We are taking enthusiastic young people from Grade IV – VIII who will add to the diversity and talent to our multicultural community. Based on broad, challenging and holistic educational program, UNACCO School Chanung develops the young minds to become confident individuals, effective leaders, successful learners and responsible global citizens.