A dynamic co-curricular program serves as a vital complement to formal education, fostering the holistic development of a child. Within our diverse offerings, students have a plethora of activities to choose from, providing them with opportunities to express themselves and discover facets of their identity beyond the traditional classroom setting.

In the unique environment of a Boarding School, the absence of varied entertainment could render life monotonous. However, recognizing the potential pitfalls of crude entertainment, which may compromise values and personality development, UNACCO Schools take a proactive approach. We meticulously train students and organize diverse activities such as Music, Dance, Debates, Quizzes, and Extempore Speech programs at various levels. The School Band and Choir, showcasing exceptional talent, have garnered numerous accolades, with our school proudly hosting one of the city’s premier guitarists. This commitment to a rich co-curricular program underscores our dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals and preserving a values-centric educational experience.



UNACCO School Chanung is committed to providing a balanced study environment, giving equal importance to both performing arts such as Dance and Music. These artistic disciplines play a crucial role in recognizing and enhancing the true potential of each student. Performing Arts Education not only provides students with the opportunity to showcase their talents but also brings honour and recognition to the school.

The school recognizes the intrinsic value of performing arts education, understanding its significance in fostering creativity, self-expression, and overall personal development. By emphasizing these arts, we aim to create a well-rounded educational experience that goes beyond academic excellence, acknowledging the holistic development of its students.




Students of all ages are drawn to arts and crafts, and participating in such activities can be immensely beneficial to a child’s development. The best Co-ed Boarding School in Manipur, we emphasize the significance of arts and crafts in early education. Engaging in arts and crafts requires the active involvement of both the mind and body, making them integral to the holistic development of students.

Arts and crafts activities offer a unique and enjoyable opportunity for students to learn and enhance various skills. Recognizing this, the school actively encourages its students to participate in arts and crafts activities. This engagement contributes not only to their physical development but also to social and cognitive growth. The school values the multifaceted benefits that arts and crafts bring to a child’s overall development, fostering creativity, fine motor skills, and social interaction.