Director’s Message

The privilege to serve as the Director of the UNACCO GROUP OF SCHOOLS, Manipur is an honour and in so many ways humbling as we foster relationships with students and parents alike in order to create a meaningful and connected opportunity for learning. The reputation of our schools is outstanding, in every way, be it academics, CCA, Sports or Pastoral care.

The goal of setting up of the Unacco School – Chanung, a fully-residential school on a sprawling 50 acres campus away from the hustle and bustle of city life  is to provide a conducive learning environment where children can unleash their potential and explore how one learns and grow in to a complete personality by participating in various academic and co-curricular activities under the guidance and care of  Mentors and House-parents. The school community ensures quality 21st century competency based K-12 school education and well-being of children coming from all over Manipur and neighbouring states of Nort East India . This is an effort to ensure the NEP-2020 is followed in the school.

The School provides excellent infrastructure and safety & security measures to support a typical boarding school following the national boarding school standards .The combination of a talented, innovative faculty, bright inquisitive students, a committed group of parents, and a passionate alumni base will certainly make Unacco School – Chanung a promising boarding  School. It will also pay attention to the important things in life, not as an afterthought, but as a part of the daily routine of the school. It knows that without connecting knowledge with understanding, application, and passion, little to be gained. To this end, Unacco School, Chanung promises to prepare students to do the little things that produce the greater result. To say that I am excited to be a part of this dynamic group is an understatement. The UNACCO has many attributes that make it the envy of other schools. One of the best campuses and facilities that few can match, a commitment to providing the best possible resources that the faculty needs to make the experience of every student an optimal one, a constant desire to evolve as a school in every way-all are just part of what makes this school.

Ultimate, the most important strength of the school is the people and the sense of community that they engender. These people, who teach, who learn, and who make sure their children receive every advantage possible by making sacrifices to send them to UNACCO, have helped to make this community, this family, one of which to be proud.

I welcome you all to let your child experience our educational practices and pastoral care at the Unacco School – Chanung.

Arup K Mukhopadhyay