Middle Stage (Grade VI to VIII)

The middle school phase ushers in a new set of academic challenges, with a curriculum emphasizing ideas, application, and problem-solving. This shift promotes critical thinking and a more holistic, inquiry-based, discovery-based, discussion-based, and analysis-based approach to learning. Students engage in topics that encompass communication, goal setting, study strategies, time management, stress awareness and control, relationships, learning styles, and other subjects aimed at empowering them to take charge of their education.

Encouraging young minds to comprehend, calculate, and create, the curriculum also places a strong emphasis on honing communicative skills through club activities and performing arts. This creative freedom allows each student to discover and embrace their unique potential, laying the foundation for personal growth.

Beyond academics, a diverse array of sports activities instils values such as tolerance, sportsmanship, and discipline. Students are instilled with a sense of environmental responsibility and are encouraged to contribute to society through various social endeavours. As they conclude their middle school journey, these students emerge as well-rounded individuals prepared to face the challenges of the adolescent years.