UNACCO School Chanung welcomes students to an enriching and joyful learning experience. The Admission Procedure is completely transparent and has been designed to ensure a suitable fit between what the parents and students expect from the school and what the school in turn can offer to them.


The student has to register first by acquiring the Registration Form from the Admission Office or downloaded from the School Website. The Registration Form should be filled up, duly signed by parents and submitted to the Admission Office. Admission is granted based on the performance in the Scholastic Achievement Assessment and the interaction of the student and parents/guardians with the Principal. The decision taken by the Principal will be final.





A child is eligible for admission in the following classes if the child attains minimum years of age on 31st March of the year in which the admission is sought and maximum years of age on 31st March of the same year.




Minimum age on 31st March of the year in which admission is sought

Maximum age on 31st March of the year in which admission is sought


8 years

10 years


9 years

11 years


10 years

12 years


11 years

13 years


12 years

14 years


13 years

15 years


14 years

16 years


A child must be 8 (eight) years old on 31st March in the academic year in which admission is sought for Class IV. (A child born on 1st April will be considered).


UNACCO School Chanung, Excellence in Education offers admissions from Classes IV to IX for the Academic Session 2024-25. The Principal may relax the maximum age limit for two years in the case of differentlyabled students.

    Revised Admission Guidelines 2022-23








Parents or guardians must complete and submit the Registration Form to the Admission Office for the admission process. The form can be acquired from the school’s Admission Office during regular working hours, specifically between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm on any working day. Alternatively, a convenient option is available for online submission through the school website.

To streamline the admission process, it is crucial to ensure that the Registration Form is filled out. Incomplete or partially filled-up forms will not be accepted or considered for admission. This requirement underscores the significance of providing all necessary information and details on the form. Parents or guardians should take the time to thoroughly complete the form to ensure a smooth and efficient admission.




a.   Scholastic Achievement/Assessment

Students from the previous class are assessed in subjects to evaluate their scholastic achievements.

The performance in the Scholastic Achievement/Assessment is considered in the admission process.

b.   Interaction with the Principal

Admission is also based on an interaction session with the Principal. This may involve discussing the student’s academic background, interests, and other relevant factors.

c.    Mandatory Documents

After the Admission Assessment result, selected students are required to produce mandatory documents prescribed by the school on the day of admission.

These documents likely include essential information such as birth certificates, previous academic records, and any other documentation required for the admission process.




  • Proof of Date of Birth viz Birth Certificate (Self-Attested Photocopy)
  • Transfer Certificate (Original)
  • Mark Sheet/Report Card of the Previous Year (Original)
  • Aadhaar Cards (Student & Parents)
  • Passport Size Photographs – 4 Copies
  • Caste Certificate of OBC/SC/ST students (if applicable)
  • Blood Group Certificate
  • Medical Fitness Certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner possessing a degree not less than MBBS
  • Duly filled up the Admission Form


Note: All the parents shall provide a valid mobile number, WhatsApp number and email ID at the time of Admission.


Any student who fails to submit the specified mandatory documents on the day of admission or within the deadline set by the school authority will not be allowed to attend classes physically and virtually. In such cases, the admission for the student will be considered as Provisional until the complete submission of the required documents. The provisional admission status will be maintained for a specific period determined by the School Authority.

Admissions are based on an assessment of the student’s academic performance. An interaction session with the Principal is part of the admission process. Prospective students and their parents are encouraged to participate in “School Tours” and “Meet the Teachers” sessions before the registration process. For admission inquiries, the Admission Officer can be contacted on all working days (Monday to Saturday) between 9:00 am – 4:30 pm. The Admission Officer will provide information on the date, timing, and other details related to the admission process. The Principal reserves the right to admit the child into the class deemed suitable based on their assessment and interaction.


Admission Officer Contact

Enquiries related to admission can be made through the Admission Officer during working hours.

Mobile Number

Admission inquiries can also be directed to the mobile number: +91-8732044313.

Email Contact

For written communication or detailed inquiries, individuals can reach out by email at