UNACCO School is dedicated to the holistic development of every child, recognizing the intrinsic value of music and dance as integral components of a comprehensive academic experience. Our commitment to cultural diversity is reflected in the offering of both Indian and Manipuri dance classes, providing children with a rich and varied exposure.

Dance transcends mere entertainment; it is a transformative activity that engages both the brain and body, enhancing motor skills and allowing individuals to express their authentic selves. To facilitate this growth, the school employs experienced dance and music instructors, fostering an environment where students can explore and cultivate their talents.

In the spirit of promoting healthy competition and camaraderie, UNACCO School organizes regular inter-house dance and music competitions throughout the academic session. Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond the school grounds, as we actively participate in state and national-level competitions. Through these initiatives, we aim to not only provide students with a platform to showcase their artistic abilities but also to instil in them a deep appreciation for the cultural richness that music and dance bring to their lives.