Secondary Stage (Grade IX to XII)

Each academic year sees the elevation of one class, marking a steady progression in the educational journey.

• As students enter their senior years, they stand on the cusp of adulthood, necessitating a sculpting of their abilities to confront future challenges. The educational focus shifts towards Project-Based Learning, Activity-Based Learning, and Experimental Learning.

• Senior students evolve into individuals capable of conducting experiments, engaging in research, composing literary pieces, and tackling intricate analytical problems. This stage grants considerable autonomy to students, enabling them to select subjects across different streams based on their inherent capabilities and vocational interests.

• Senior Secondary education is a dynamic amalgamation of adept teachers and vibrant students with diverse backgrounds, each carrying unique values, traditions, and cultures. Unwavering efforts are dedicated to ensuring that the educational experience aligns meaningfully and relevantly with the demands of the times. Given the evolving landscape of educational perspectives and the recent reinstatement of compulsory Board Examinations by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the school’s progressive curriculum is designed to equip every student to meet future commitments. Recognizing the contemporary need for simultaneous development of life skills and academic intricacies, our curriculum incorporates numerous initiatives to foster holistic development.