It is a known fact that sport is an integral part of any school’s curriculum. We pride in inculcating the finest values of dedication, integrity and team spirit in our student body. The educational benefits are well known but when it comes to boarding schools, sports cannot assume a lesser priority than any other activity. Thus, we have the best State-Of-The-Art Sports Infrastructure. The choices are also abundant so that all students of all comfort levels can take part. Living and studying right inside the same boundary limits the student’s scope of physical movement and sport is the only way to stay fit and healthy. In boarding schools, sport is more than just imperative. It is essential for the efficient development of all students.

Since the students would be staying on campus and would be sharing rooms with same aged peers, it leads to two factors. They don’t have to travel back home every day. Lack of travel limits physical movements and lack of family creates emotional stress.

Sports can be beneficial in countering both the situations. Through sports, students can get their daily dose of physical exercise that is crucial for both their motor and soft skill development. And by indulging in various sports with the same peers that they live with, a sense of companionship develops that diminishes the absence of the family.  Children have more energy than adults; they need daily exercise to spend that energy. With sports, boarding school students not only go out and exercise, but they also tend to their emotional needs with physical activity, fitness, playing with peers, and more.

Sports are excellent way to learn outside the classroom. It helps in building team spirit and improves attention, focus and concentration in class.

Badminton ­- Lob and Smash

Table Tennis – Ping Pong

Pool & Billiards- Cue and Ball/Pocket

Taekwondo – Kicks and Strikes

Chess – Check and Mate

Carom- Strokes and Pocketing

Yoga- Mind and Body

Gymnasium-Strength and Stamina

Swimming-Dive and Splash