Sport is an integral aspect of a student’s life and curriculum at UNACCO School Chanung. In the context of boarding schools, where physical movement may be confined due to the proximity of living and studying spaces, sports take on a crucial role and are given equal priority alongside other activities. The school offers a diverse range of sporting options, ensuring all students, regardless of comfort levels, can participate.

Recognizing the significance of sports, not only for physical health but also for the all-round development of students, we consider it essential. Sports offer an excellent platform for learning outside the classroom, providing daily physical exercise crucial for motor and soft skill development. Engaging in various sports activities fosters a sense of companionship among peers, mitigating the absence of family. Beyond meeting emotional needs through physical activity and fitness, sports contribute to building team spirit and enhancing attention, focus, and concentration in the academic realm.

In addition to nurturing athletic talents, participation in sports instils a spirit of healthy competition and teamwork. Qualified trainers and coaches closely monitor the progress of every student, ensuring they not only learn but also excel in various games and sports. This comprehensive approach to sports underscores its importance in shaping the overall development of students.



Badminton ­- Lob and Smash

Table Tennis – Ping Pong

Pool & Billiards- Cue and Ball/Pocket

Taekwondo – Kicks and Strikes

Chess – Check and Mate

Carom- Strokes and Pocketing

Yoga- Mind and Body

Gymnasium-Strength and Stamina

Swimming-Dive and Splash