UNACCO School Chanung, Excellence in Education, is the only school in Manipur that commits to Academic Excellence, knowledge acquisition and personality development. A world-class infrastructure, a plethora of exceptional sports facilities, and a wide array of non-scholastic activities are the distinguishing features of UNACCO School. State-of-the-Art laboratories and well-stocked libraries provide students with the much-needed platform to harness their hidden potential.

To fulfill the vision, a strong and better understanding of parents is required, accordingly practicing an open-door policy to update parents on the latest developments to support their children. An interactive pedagogy is a pedagogical approach to improve the classroom experience and their participation as the main principle relating to the interactions between teachers, students and the learning environment.

As an articulated educational approach, it entails a hands-on approach to learning that moves away from just the teacher imparting and transferring knowledge to students. It makes learning an experience that moves beyond the classroom and strives to bring a more interactive approach to learning.

At UNACCO School, we believe that education is about preparing and equipping young people for life and aim to provide a stimulating environment wherein children enjoy learning and perform to the best of their abilities in areas of our elaborate curriculum.


To promote self-discipline, orderly behaviour and maintain high moral values.


To enable an individual to perform his/her social responsibilities by fulfilling the needs of the society.