The commencement and closure dates for School Terms (Summer, Autumn and Winter Terms) are systematically announced well in advance. We kindly request parents to note these dates meticulously. Students must return to school in a well-groomed manner and adhere to the uniform guidelines.

Students who fail to report on time at the beginning of a school session may face consequences, including being barred from attending the remainder of that session or being held back at the start of the vacation period. Your cooperation in adhering to these dates is greatly appreciated.

Sl. NoDateEvents
1.18-05-2022Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony
2.05-06-2022World Environment Day Observation
3.25-10-202221st UNACCO School Foundation Day
429-01-2023Tree Plantation Drive
504-02-2023School Inauguration Day
606-04-20231st Academic Session
701-04-2024Commencement of 2nd Academic Session 2024-25

Effective April 1, 2024, all parents must provide the details of local guardians for their wards who can promptly reach the school within 24 hours in situations where the parents are unable to do so. Parents are requested to submit the completed local guardian Performa, available at the School office. UNACCO staff member is authorized to act as a local guardian for any student. 

Meeting Faculty:

·      Parents/Guardians/Visitors should schedule visits with the faculty in advance.

·      Access to boarding houses is restricted for Parents/Guardians/Visitors.

·      Bringing armed guards onto the campus is not allowed.

·      Prior appointments are required to meet faculty on working days.

·      The entire campus is under CCTV surveillance.

·      Vehicles are not permitted within the campus.

Meeting Students:

·      Parents are allowed to meet their wards only on the Permitted Visiting Day, which is the 2nd Saturday of every month between 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Exceptions may be considered based on urgency/merit.

·      A visiting card, accompanied by two passport-size photographs, is necessary for parents or visitors to meet their wards.

·      Visiting is allowed only on scheduled outing days.

·      Prior requests by parents to meet or visit a student should be made to the concerned housemaster.

·      Parents are not permitted to bring any food items.

·      Last-minute visit requests will not be entertained.

For Birthdays:

·      Birthday celebrations are not allowed inside the hostel. Parents are advised not to bring any items for the celebration, except for toffees, which may be allowed for distribution.

·      Parents are not allowed to bring any food items or avail of a Lunch-Out.


·      School fees are due thrice a year i.e. July, October and January.

·      Full term fee applies for admissions and withdrawals during any term, including Board examination classes.

·      All dues must be paid before the school reopens.

·      The current fee structure is as per the School Prospectus, and the management reserves the right to revise it.

·      The security deposit is refundable upon request after the completion of the academic session.

·      Unclaimed security deposits for three years will be forfeited.

·      Any additional government taxes are the responsibility of the parents.



Parents wishing to withdraw their ward must submit a written request to the Principal, providing a three-month notice before the student’s withdrawal.

• A transfer certificate will not be issued if there are pending fees. However, upon the submission of an application, a transfer certificate will be issued within seven days.

• A monthly fee will be charged for an absentee student whose name appears in the attendance register for the month, even if the absence persists.

• Admission fees are non-refundable, although caution money is refundable upon the completion of the academic session.

• For a student who has withdrawn due to medical conditions, one monthly fee will be charged instead of three months.

• Any refunds (Security deposit/Impress Money/Caution Money) will be assessed and reimbursed to parents/guardians after the completion of the Academic Session.

• The full-term fee will be charged if a student withdraws after the school reopens.

• Upon a student’s departure or completion, belongings must be collected within a fortnight; failing to do so will grant the school authorities the freedom to dispose of or donate the items.

• In the case of any serious offence committed by a boarder, the decision of the School Management Committee will be final, and parents/guardians will be asked to withdraw their ward from the school.




  • The student will not be granted leave during the school term except in the case of family emergencies or marriage in the immediate family.
  • Leave for marriage in the family will be permitted by the Principal in consultation with the House-Master/Warden; the leave should exclude travel time.
  • Whenever a boarder goes on leave, they should leave and come back in School Uniform only.
  • Leave on the medical grounds will be granted only by the Principal with a prescription from a Doctor. 
  • Medical leave after an escorted outing or night out will be considered an absence. 
  • A medical certificate by a registered medical practitioner/doctor should be submitted to continue the medical leave. The leave should not exceed three days.
  • Medical emergencies while on an outing may require an extension of leave. The Doctor and the House-Master/Warden should be contacted, followed by an email to all concerns. 
  • False medical certificate submission while seeking a grant of leave may lead to severe disciplinary action/expulsion of the student.
  • Unofficial absence will result in disciplinary action against the boarder and may lead to a strike off their name. 
  • Boarders will not be allowed to leave school before the formal completion of a session. 


Religious Beliefs:

·      The school is strictly secular; religious rituals or materials are not allowed on campus.

·      Students are free to practice their beliefs off-campus under parental supervision.


·      Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are served.

·      Special diet requests are not entertained.

·      Fasting is not permitted.

Special Classes:


  • Remedial/coaching classes are typically one of the first steps when a boarder has struggled in a core academic content area.
  • Remediation provides a necessary and correct foundation to rectify past mistakes and improve future learning. 
  • Remedial classes reinforce boarders to perform to the best of their abilities.


Unacceptable Items On Campus:

     Disciplinary action will be taken against any boarder found using intoxicants, pan, or tobacco inside the campus or violating the School’s Rules and Regulations.

     Any boarder found absconding or leaving the campus without prior permission will be expelled without serving any notice.

     Outside food, beverages, and junk or cooked food are not allowed inside the hostel. However, healthy and nutritional drinks such as Bournvita, Complan, Maltova, and Horlicks are permitted.

     Personal money and credit or debit cards are not allowed. Expensive items, including cosmetics like lip gloss, perfumes, nail polish, hair gel, and cream, are prohibited in the hostel.

     Expensive jewellery like gold, silver, and platinum, as well as electronic gadgets like mobile phones, iPods, iPads, video games, MP3/MP4 players, pen drives, memory cards, and hair trimmers, are not allowed in the hostel. Violations may attract a monetary penalty determined by the School Authority.

     Confiscated items will be handed over to the parents after paying the imposed penalty.

     Boarders are not permitted to open accounts with shops and the canteen.

     Casual clothes are not allowed on campus.

     Students are encouraged to adhere to the Hostel Kit List regarding clothing.



·      Wards found guilty of cheating, bullying, or unacceptable behaviour will be immediately expelled. The Principal’s decision is final. Parents must provide an undertaking/declaration at the time of admission.

Cars And Vehicles:

·    Private vehicles are not allowed to park inside the campus.

·    Private vehicles are allowed to park in the specified permissible parking areas only. 


Leaving School or Exiting the School:


When a student departs from the institution, their belongings must be collected within one month of departure. Failure to do so may result in the school authorities disposing of or donating the belongings without prior notice.


(To be purchased by the parents)

Sl. NoBoysQtyGirlsQty
1Blue trouser2Pinafore/Wrapper2
2Check shirt2White Shirt Long Sleeve2
3Neck tie2Neck tie1
4Belt & School Badge2Belt & School Badge2
5School & Sports Sock2 eachSchool & Sports Sock2 each
6White & Black shoes2 eachWhite & Black shoes2 each
7House T-Shirts1House T-Shirts1
8School Bags1School Bags1
9School Tracksuit2School Tracksuit2
10Maroon T-Shirt2Maroon T-Shirt2
11Navy Blue Sports Pant1Navy Blue Sports Pant1
12Sports Shoe1Sports Shoe1
13Stone Forest Cades1Stone Forest Cades1
14Bed Sheet (sky blue without paint)2Bed Sheet (sky blue without paint)2
15Pillow Cover (sky blue without paint)2Pillow Cover (sky blue without paint)2
17Casual Pant1Casual Pant1
18Casual Shirt1Casual Shirt1
19Sports Navy Blue Quarter Pant1Sports Navy Blue Quarter Pant1


Sl. NoMaterialsQty
3Mosquito Net (Sky Blue)1
4Torch with one Battery Set1
5Bathing Shop (Non-Cosmetic)2
6Washing Shop/Powder1
7Face Cream/Body Lotion (Johnson/Boroline/Boroplus/Vaseline)1 each
8Antiseptic Cream/Liquid (Johnson/Boroline/Boroplus)1 each
9Shampoo/Conditioner1 each
10Mirror/Nail Cutter1 each
11Soap Case, Bucket (Medium), Mug, Tub, Water Bottle1 each
12Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste2 each
13Tongue Cleaner1
14Shoe Polish Brush1
15Black & White Shoe Polish1 each
16Room Slipper2
17Water Bottle/Thermos Flask1
18Steel Tumbler1
203 Pad Lock2
21Spoon and Fork2 each
22Hanger and Clip1 dozen each
23Bath Towel/Gamsha2
25Vest and Undergarment4 each
26White Ribbon1 Roll
27Pouch/Compass1 each
28Pencil1 dozen
29Plastic Scale (Long/Short)1 each
30Sharpener/Eraser1 each
31Ink Pot1
32Ink Pen1
33Gel Pen (Blue)6
34Blue Margin6
35Text BooksAs per the Prescribed Book List
36Note BooksAs per the Prescribed Book List


Tuck-Shop Purchases:

All students are required to purchase items from the Tuck-Shop.

School-Supplied Items:

Some items necessary for uniformity will be supplied by the school and can be obtained from the School Canteen and Tuck-Shop.

Discouragement of Extra Clothing/Items:

Parents/Guardians are requested not to encourage additional clothing or items beyond the specified requirements.

Prohibited Items:

The use of shampoo, hair oil, conditioners, etc., packaged in plastic pouches/sachets, is strictly prohibited inside the hostel.

Compliance with Hostel Kit List:

Parents/Guardians are urged to ensure that the items purchased are by the HOSTEL KIT LIST.