The integration of technology into education serves to make teaching and learning more meaningful and enjoyable, fostering enhanced relationships between teachers and students. Recognizing that students possess diverse learning styles, the incorporation of technology in the classroom becomes an effective means of connecting with each student.

At UNACCO School, every classroom is equipped with digital smart boards, recognizing the visual nature of information processing in young minds within this era of technology. Our commitment to providing the best for our students is evident in the implementation of Educomp & Digischool Smart Class, a transformative addition to our classrooms.

Even during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, UNACCO School has demonstrated leadership by introducing an online platform to facilitate uninterrupted learning for students. A robust e-learning system has been meticulously designed and made accessible across all classes, ranging from nursery to Class XII. Teachers have undergone training and orientation, ensuring the smooth functioning of virtual classes through trials. This initiative has proved highly beneficial for students, not only allowing them to attend classes remotely but also providing relevant materials, assignments, videos, and video links – a comprehensive approach to continuing their education seamlessly from the comfort of their homes.